Talents (血統; literally meaning "bloodline") are a unique series of skills available to those of Jounin class or higher. There are two types of Talents, Extreme Talent and Secret Talent. Each Talent has many traits which can then be learned in an order governed by a skill tree.

File:Talent Symbol.png
While Talents are either purchased with Gold or Tokens, the skills of talents can only be learned and upgraded with Talent Points. To learn a new Talent skill from a Talent, a player needs to unlock the required Talent skill(s) and upgrade them to Level 5 first.


Passive skills are skills that are always in effect, even outside of a mission or battle, that affect the player only. Unlike normal skills, passive Talent skills do not cost any chakra nor does it have a cooldown.

Active skills are quite different from normal. Active skills have a chakra cost, a cooldown, and effects to others . With these Talent skills, the damage, chakra cost, and special effects alters and increases when they are upgraded or when a player levels up and the cooldown is a lot higher than normal.

Extreme TalentsEdit

Extreme Talents are unlocked to a player when the player reaches to level 60 after becoming a Jounin. An Extreme Talent is a series of skills containing six skills, with two or three of the skills passive. A player may only choose one of the four Extreme Talents to start off with.

Sake HeihachiEdit

File:Eye of Mirror Talent.gif
A strong and powerful ancient talent that can control over life and death.

Talent skillsEdit

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
File:Dark Eye skill.jpg Sake Power Passive The Sake Power gives the ability to absorb chakra 30% chances to absorb any Ninjutsu attacks and turn them into CP. The user takes -100% less damage.
File:Acupuncture - Needle Barrage.jpg Heihachi Power Passive The Heihachi Power grants the user with extra limb and mechanised armour, also with speed. Increase dodge chance by 15% & protection by 35%.
File:Acupuncture - Meridian Anesthesia.jpg Humanity Sake Active - Debuff Through the mystical power of Humanity, the user develops the ability to absorb the opponent's soul.

Damage: 700
CP: Lv x 762%
Cooldown: 30

Absorbs a maximum of 30% of target's HP.

File:Meridian Search.jpg Heihachi Regeneration Active - Buff Summon a random animal to attack the enemy.

Damage: 362

CP: Lv x 820%
Cooldown: 8

Activate Heihachi mode for 3 turns. 50% chances to Stun the enemy for 1 turn if the user is under Heihachi mode.

File:Meridian Strengthen.jpg Sake Heihachi Destroyer Active - Attack Manipulate gravity and push everything aside

Damage: Lv x 1,245%
Chakra: Lv x 915%
Cooldown: 5

100% chances to weaken the enemy for 1 turn.

File:Acupuncture - Meridians Destruction.jpg Sake Heihachi God Of Creation Passive Use the power of Sake Heihachi to control over life and death. If the user or his/her team is dead, he/she will automatically be revived.

Sage EyeEdit

Eye Of Mirror

Sage Eye

A great eye technique which gives user strong vision and power, but it will also brings physical effecfs.

Talent skillsEdit

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
Eye Of Mirror Sage Eye: Awaken Passive The awakening of Sage Eye grants the user with the ability to reflect the jutsu effect of an enemy. 25% chance to reflect back a debuff to the enemy.
Crescent Eye Of Mirror Sage Eye: Complete Passive The Sage Eye finally complete which grants the user the ability to rebound Genjutsu

30% chance to rebound Genjutsu (PvP Jutsu) (Talent skills will not be affected).

Mirror Of Passion Sage Eye: Hellgate Fire Active - Attack Advanced Ninjutsu: Generate a violent blaze of flame by using Creation Of All Things to burn everything.

Damage: Lv x 900%
CP: Lv x 1,180%
Cooldown: 22

Create a red hellfire to Burn 5% target's HP for 3 turns.

Mirror Of Grace Sage Eye: Black Spirits Active - Debuff Advanced Genjutsu: Send demonic spirits into target's mind to hallucinate target.

CP: Lv x 1,180%
Cooldown: 18

82% chances to cast Fear & chaos on target for 3 turns.

Image Sage Eye: Rage Of Strength Active - Buff Advanced Ninjutsu: Transforms the user's chakra into an ancient warrior

Damage: Lv x 550%
CP: Lv x 910%
Cooldown: 24

Activate Titan Mode (550% damage of character level) 15% damage done to the user will be rebounded for 3 turns
Successful Titan |Attack has 10% chance to remove buffs from the enemy.

Mirror Of Freedom Sage Eye: Time Destruction Passive Advanced Genjutsu: Remove boundaries between the present & the past Casts Time Manipulate : User will manipulate time back to avoid incoming attack that will make the user's HP below 20% & recover 20% HP & CP.

This talent skill will automatically be used one time only in a battle. Once it is activated, all of the Sage Eye talent skills cannot be used anymore.