Shogun's Wrath
Type Extreme Talent
Ninja Emblem? No
Cost 10000000 Gold
Talent Skills

An ancient talent that focuses on Shogun's power especially in weapon mastery and carrying out assassinations.


Talent skillsEdit

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
Kunai Of God Killing Passive The ancient kunai gives user a potential life recovery. Recover HP with weapon attack. Recover 560 HP when using weapon to attack.
Axe Of God Killing Passive Manifests the power of the brutal axe that greatly increase offensive abilities. Increases weapon damage and chances to land a critical hit with weapon attack.

Increases weapon damage by 370. 30% chances to cast critical damage instantly with weapon attack.

Katana Of God Killing Passive The sly and tranquil energy of the hidden katana grants the reawakening of user's weapon mastery. Increases weapon's accuracy and stats effects.

Increase weapon's accuracy by 10%. Increase weapon's effects by 5%. (Number of turns for the effects remain constant)

Shuriken Of God Killing Active - Debuff

CP: Lv x 1,180%
Cooldown: 18

100% chance to inflict Chaos & Restriction on target (cannot control character and use jutsu) (3 turns)
Reduce target damage by 100% for 3 turns

Fan Of God Killing Active - Buff Blessings of the gunsen fan provides a defense for the user in an offensive strategy but with side effects. Ignore certain damage but causes dismantle for the user.

Damage: 0
CP: Lv x 300%
Cooldown: 9

Ignore any damage taken higher than 500 for 3 turns. User suffers "dismantle" effect for 3 turns. (User cannot use weapon to attack under dismantle effect)

Lance Of God Killing Active - Debuff


Recover HP and CP by 40% when HP is below 0 for once.
User cannot use Eye of Mirror skills again in the same battle.