Sake Heihachi
File:Dark Eye Talent.png
Type Extreme Talent
Ninja Emblem? Yes
Cost 400 Tokens
Talent Skills

A strong and powerful ancient talent that can control over life and death.

Talent skills

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
File:Dark Eye skill.jpg Sake Power Passive The Sake Power gives the ability to sense chakra and flexible all the user's nature transformation. Increase accuracy by 20% and chances to hit enemy by jutsu effect by 20%.
File:Acupuncture - Needle Barrage.jpg Heihachi Power Passive Grants the user with extra limb and mechanised armour, also with speed. Increase dodge chance & protection by 15%.
File:Acupuncture - Meridian Anesthesia.jpg Humanity Sake Active - Debuff Use the power of Humanity Sake to absorb target's chakra.

Damage: 10% target's HP
CP: Lv x 762%
Cooldown: 16

Absorbs target's chakra by 15% and also deals damage by 10% of target's HP.

File:Meridian Search.jpg Heihachi Regeneration Active - Buff User have the ability to regenerates his/her team.

CP: Lv x 820%
Cooldown: 16

Regenerates 20% HP & CP to the user but the user's teammate will only regenerate 10% HP & CP.

File:Meridian Strengthen.jpg Sake Heihachi Destroyer Active - Attack Use chakra to destroy everything

Damage: Lv x 1,245%
Chakra: Lv x 915%
Cooldown 18

Fear the enemy for 2 turns.

File:Acupuncture - Meridians Destruction.jpg Sake Heihachi God Of Creation Passive Use the power of Sake Heihachi to control over life and death. If the user is dead, the Sake Heihachi will automatically revives the user for one time only.


  • The Sake Heihachi is related to the Rinnegan but Sake Heihachi is not a Dojutsu or Eye Technique (literal english).
    • The Sake Power is similar to the Rinnegan's basic ability but instead of mastering all nature elements, it flexibles the user's nature elements.
    • The Heihachi Power and the Rinnegan's Asura Path both provides extra limbs and mechanised armour although the Heihachi Power is a passive talent skill.
    • The Humanity Sake absorbs chakra from enemy, this talent skill has the same absorbing ability as the Rinnegan's Human Path but it absorbs soul.
    • The Heihachi Regeneration is very similar to the Rinnegan's Naraka Path which repairs any damage.
    • The Sake Heihachi Destroyer has the ability to destroy everything just like Shinra Tensei, a Deva Path ability.
    • The Sake Heihachi God Of Creation has the ability as the Rinnegan's Outer Path which can control life and death. The only difference is, this talent skill revives the user itself instead of other persons.
  • The user can still use the Sake Heihachi talent skills after being revived but it effects is weaker because it has released its strongest power.