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The wiki about the Facebook, MySpace and Orkut game Ninja Saga by Emagist Entertainment Limited and the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android game Ninja Saga. Please feel free to help the community build this wiki! However, vandalism and spam will not be accepted. Also, hacks and cheats are not allowed in the Ninja Saga Wiki unless if they are approved by Emagist. The wiki is about the Ninja Saga 2 world which doesn't really exist. This wiki is about our imagination about new jutsus,talents,pets & much more. You can create your own Jutsu here. Just feel free to the community to build this wiki.

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You are a ninja that has just graduated from the Academy now you have special missions to complete, train strong jutsus, fight the evil enemy and protect the village! Can you take the quest to be a strong ninja? Play Ninja Saga 2 now.

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